Choosing the Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Choosing the Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Choosing the best small business phone system is hard but Vaitel can help

Are you seeking the best small business phone system? We have the answer. In today’s times, business phone systems do more than dialling and receiving calls. With VoIP technology, it allows for collaborative team communication and helps staff communicate by phone, video, and text meaning businesses can connect with clients and customers anywhere, anytime. 

Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

But how do you choose the best virtual phone system for small business that fits your company’s needs and budget? Read on to find out more.

In recent years, the virtual phone market has grown exponentially and providers have become numerous, making it difficult for small businesses to choose among them.

Here we will discuss the different aspects of a good business virtual phone system for your small business or startup. Features such as great pricing, robust features, call quality, and outstanding customer support for a great virtual PBX phone system should all be considered. If you’re looking for the best virtual phone system for your business, you’ve come to the right place. 

All-in-One Communications System

VoIP phone system providers offer a wide selection of great offers in their plans. Many solutions provide not just traditional phone calls, but an integrated communications system with audio conferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging and text messaging.

It used to be that companies offered these services to employees and each component was provided by different vendors. But now technology has changed and all tools such as audio and video conferencing fall under one platform and one vendor. So, if you’re looking for the best virtual phone system, find a provider who can meets this demand. 

We’ll discuss the main components to look for when searching for the best virtual phone system such as:

  • Phone calls: The most basic and traditional phone service that allows businesses to make and receive calls
  • Conference calling: This component offers a conference tool that allows each user to host their own conference calls. Depending on the provider, the number of people who can be present on a call at one time can range from 5-10 people, while others allow for hundreds of people at one time
  • Video conferencing: Using video conferencing hardware and software, these allow companies to hold online virtual meetings and allow for screen sharing and recording
  • Instant messaging: Most of these systems provide the ability for staff to message each other instantly, keep up to date and work on projects together
  • Text messaging: This is also a very important feature of the business phone system wherein it allows you to send text messages from your business line

If your employer can make use of all these features in one platform, it’s so much better as this will make communication much easier and more productive in the short term, and long term too. Cloud- based PBX phone systems also allows businesses to save on thousands of dollars through a low-cost monthly or annual plan. Visit Vaitel today and choose the right plan that fits your company’s needs and budget.

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